Friday, October 21, 2005


Clairvoyant Cardiologist or Not

Relying heavily on the Christian conservative wing of the Republican Party, Bush was re-elected in 2004. All the while, those very people who helped carry him to a second term waited in the wings watching as the size of government ever increasingly expanded, as spending bill after spending bill was passed without a single veto, as regulation increased with every passing year since he had taken office. What were we waiting for? We were waiting with the faint hope that something would happen to change the direction of this country. And then the opportunity came. A second vacancy on the Supreme Court and the chance for Bush to reward his loyal followers. Anxiously we waited as the time drew closer to an official nomination. We racked our brains, scanned the lists of names, wondered which of the faithful Bush would recommend, faithful who had spent their entire careers preparing for this very moment. And who did he choose? His lawyer.

Now the party is divided. Now we see who the true conservatives are and sadly, we come to realize that Mr. Bush is not necessarily one of them. He says he knows Miers' heart. But clairvoyant cardiologist or not, this gives the right wing little to go on. He says, "trust me," but look at what he's done so far to live up to his promises.

I want to trust the President, but still, no matter how hard I try, I can't help but feel disappointed. It will be a tough battle and whether or not Miers makes it, I believe the President will ultimately suffer. Hopefully, this will only deepen our convictions. I know it's deepened mine.

I didn't know you were trying to trust Bush, I was never taken by the guy ever since I saw him, just gut feeling i guess. However, the future is clear - it wont get better for sure, just hang in there though.
I volunteered for the B/C/04 campaign, and worked very hard and this is truly very, very disappointing. Sure, it's better than the Ruth Bader-Ginsberg type Kerry would surely have appointed, but it's not great. I know it won't be good for the administration's PR, but I am really hoping that Miers doesn't pass, and Bush is forced to appoint someone, maybe, like Janice Rogers Brown.
You have just echoed every concern I have about our President. The lefties will never understand how we can support someone but still disagree with im. what they don't think about is who the alternatives are.
It's just possible W may get to appoint a third member of the court, and that'll really grab the libs.

In the interim, we have to stay UNITED! Private concerns aside, you know you'd vote for Bush if he were up again for election, especially if it were against Hillary.

Am I right???

you are DEFINITELY right... I just expected a little more from someone I went out of my way to raise support for. Hopefully, he'll turn things around. There's still plenty of time.
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