Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Someone to Watch Over Me....?

Teaming up with the all-too-popular Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton has decided to pander to conservatives to appear more moderate (in spite of her repeated "denials" that she plans on running for President in 2008) by introducing the Family Entertainment Protection Act. The Act aims to limit what video game makers can put into their products because CLEARLY parents have NO control over what their children play. Can anyone predict where this is going yet?

Although concerns about what is on television and in video games are not to be taken lightly, the question that arises is: when did conservatives decide that the government is better at watching over our children than we are? Have we forgotten the all-too-important value upon which most of our philosophy rests, which is Personal Responsibility? What ever happened to monitoring what your children watch and reading the back of the video game before purchasing it? Are we really so powerless that we need the government to regulate the video game industry? Isn't the goal to limit government interference?

In a time when the government is increasingly seen to be the "nanny" over values, we've failed to realize that the people have the power. If people stop spending money on violent games and send a message to the industry that they will not continue to sponsor their products until certain changes are made, then eventually, the blow to the industries pocket will force change. People vote with their feet all the time, why not vote with your wallet or pocketbook?

Take the recent uproar over Grand Theft Auto: San Quentin. Parent's were shocked, SHOCKED, to find that the video game they purchased for their children (which is premised on stealing cars, shooting people, and causing all kinds of destruction to property) contained violent and sexual content. What did they do? They called for a boycott, they ran articles, public policy groups spoke out against it. And what was the result? The game was pulled. Still, there were some who went crying to the government to right all wrongs, but whether they knew it or not, hitting the companies who get rich on selling drugs, sex, and violence to children in the pocket was more effective than crafting beaurocratic red tape.

It's time that conservatives and Christians stop relying on the government to dictate how we raise our children and realize that change begins at home. With numerous organizations informing the public on controling their televisions, such as, it is unnecessary to think that the government knows better than we do -- and it's time to stop acting like it.

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Ann Coulter Would Be Impressed? Why, Thank you!

If I've been holding my tongue with regards to political matters on the blogosphere for a while, believe me, it's not because I have laryngitis – and certainly not because I have run out of things to say! (The only reason I can even imagine having laryngitis would be the result of my saying everything I have to say!) The reason -- which I share with the hope that you will join me in making our voices heard -- is that I’ve been introduced to a new arena for political battling: Right now, it’s not even in Beta testing yet, but they are allowing some of the aspiring talking heads in Washington D.C. try it out and recommend others to join as well.

The site operates - as of now - as a forum where members are able to create, vote on, and then debate resolves. Due to a recent resolve I posted regarding my disgust with the liberal obsession with “abortion on demand” – in addition to the hundreds of email responses I’ve received on the site asking me when I decided to “give up my rights as a woman” – one member offered: “Nancy, Ann Coulter would be impressed with your irrational hyperbole.” However extreme my fellow blonde may be at times (most times), I take that as a compliment.

As a member, I have 20 or so invites left to extend to others who would like to duke it out with the libs. If you’d like to try it out, please let me know your email address and I’ll send the link right over. Let’s all make Ann Coulter proud!

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