Thursday, October 27, 2005


Writing off the Right?

It wasn't the conservative wing of the Republican party's outcry that forced the withdrawl of Harriet Ellan Miers, asserted White House spokesman Scott McLellan at this morning's press conference. "We've always been focused on the Senate, not on the outside commentary or outside groups," he said. Last time I checked, the idea of democracy was that "people rule" and the job of the Congress was to carry out the will of the people. Given the sharp backlash of so many citizens to Bush's inept nomination, I would have liked to think that the White House was paying attention. But of course they were... they just can't say so! That, like it or not - and I don't always - is the way politics work.

The Right was right to rally against the Miers nomination and deserves credit where credit is due. One can only hope that the next time around Bush will remember his conservative base and nominate someone with a proven judicial track record. It almost seems that his hand will be forced now, lest he risk another fall out with his own. Whether or not the President is "deeply disappointed" with Mier's withdrawl, he's now been afforded the golden opportunity to set things Right.


Christmas Comes Early!

The Bush Administration, perhaps finally realizing the full weight of it's sore mistake has "allowed" Harriet Miers to withdraw her nomination, thus proving that the "right wing conspiracy" is indeed more powerful than ever. While, I'm certain that the withdrawl truly was a result of the desire to keep sacred the separation of powers, I can't help but wonder how it all went down. I mean... what with the glowing reviews she was receiving and all! Especially those with regards to what a great bowler she is and how splendidly she did in high school! It was so difficult to imagine that this would be the final result. I guess wishes do come true!

And suddenly, things don't seem so bad...

Sunday, October 23, 2005


What Accounts for Such a Misstep?

With increasing speculation that Harriet Miers will step down or that the White House will withdraw her name for consideration for the nation's highest Court, one must wonder, how did the President and his camp make such a painfully obvious miscalculation? After such a sure victory with intellectually heavyweight Roberts, a candidate so worthy that no one could contest his preparedness for a lifetime position on the Court even if they disagreed with his positions (not that anyone could really detect them), how could he nominate someone as inconsequential as Miers? It's another case of wondering "President Bush, what were you thinking?" I believe that I do know the President's heart (to borrow his favorite phrase as of late), but I fear that I may have over-estimated his mind.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Tipping the Scales... in the WRONG direction!

As an article in this morning's Washington Post suggests, not only is Harriet Miers an intellectually thin replacement for retiring justice Sandra Day O'Connor, but she is a candidate who is likely to tip the Court in the same way her predecessor did on important key social issues... in the wrong direction.

For the very reason there was so much discension on the right about the prospect of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez being nominated, Miers has given those who oppose her on her own side of the aisle even more ammunition. Not only does she lack a proven record, but the thin record that exists only seems to confirm our worst fears about her... that there is no telling how she might rule.

What bothers me most is not the fact that I don't know her mind, but that I don't see her to be an intellectual heavyweight in the way that John Roberts is. To have a nominee's questionnaire returned to her because her answers were not only "insufficient" but "insulting" is telling. Even if she is the president of the President's "fan club" as her letters of love seem to indicate, that says nothing of her ability to get in the ring with the likes of Scalia and Thomas and decide on some of the most important issues facing our country. Even if James Dobson recommends her, it says nothing for her abilities to be anything other than a good person with a good heart. Ultimately, being on the Court requires more than heart, it requires a strong legal mind. Miers may be a good lawyer, but I've seen nothing to demonstrate that she will be able to hold her own as a Supreme Court Justice. This is cronyism at it's best, and sad to say, it comes from my own political party -- a party that would be RIGHT (no pun intended) to oppose her with their full weight.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Clairvoyant Cardiologist or Not

Relying heavily on the Christian conservative wing of the Republican Party, Bush was re-elected in 2004. All the while, those very people who helped carry him to a second term waited in the wings watching as the size of government ever increasingly expanded, as spending bill after spending bill was passed without a single veto, as regulation increased with every passing year since he had taken office. What were we waiting for? We were waiting with the faint hope that something would happen to change the direction of this country. And then the opportunity came. A second vacancy on the Supreme Court and the chance for Bush to reward his loyal followers. Anxiously we waited as the time drew closer to an official nomination. We racked our brains, scanned the lists of names, wondered which of the faithful Bush would recommend, faithful who had spent their entire careers preparing for this very moment. And who did he choose? His lawyer.

Now the party is divided. Now we see who the true conservatives are and sadly, we come to realize that Mr. Bush is not necessarily one of them. He says he knows Miers' heart. But clairvoyant cardiologist or not, this gives the right wing little to go on. He says, "trust me," but look at what he's done so far to live up to his promises.

I want to trust the President, but still, no matter how hard I try, I can't help but feel disappointed. It will be a tough battle and whether or not Miers makes it, I believe the President will ultimately suffer. Hopefully, this will only deepen our convictions. I know it's deepened mine.

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