Saturday, October 22, 2005


Tipping the Scales... in the WRONG direction!

As an article in this morning's Washington Post suggests, not only is Harriet Miers an intellectually thin replacement for retiring justice Sandra Day O'Connor, but she is a candidate who is likely to tip the Court in the same way her predecessor did on important key social issues... in the wrong direction.

For the very reason there was so much discension on the right about the prospect of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez being nominated, Miers has given those who oppose her on her own side of the aisle even more ammunition. Not only does she lack a proven record, but the thin record that exists only seems to confirm our worst fears about her... that there is no telling how she might rule.

What bothers me most is not the fact that I don't know her mind, but that I don't see her to be an intellectual heavyweight in the way that John Roberts is. To have a nominee's questionnaire returned to her because her answers were not only "insufficient" but "insulting" is telling. Even if she is the president of the President's "fan club" as her letters of love seem to indicate, that says nothing of her ability to get in the ring with the likes of Scalia and Thomas and decide on some of the most important issues facing our country. Even if James Dobson recommends her, it says nothing for her abilities to be anything other than a good person with a good heart. Ultimately, being on the Court requires more than heart, it requires a strong legal mind. Miers may be a good lawyer, but I've seen nothing to demonstrate that she will be able to hold her own as a Supreme Court Justice. This is cronyism at it's best, and sad to say, it comes from my own political party -- a party that would be RIGHT (no pun intended) to oppose her with their full weight.

Amen Sister.

I'd rather have a 51 vote getting Originalist than a 99 vote getting Moderate.
We need some firebreathing guy with the personality of Zell Miller but more conservative on the court just to intimidate/aggravate the libs.

And to make fun of Ruth "Buzzy" Ginsberg.

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