Sunday, October 23, 2005


What Accounts for Such a Misstep?

With increasing speculation that Harriet Miers will step down or that the White House will withdraw her name for consideration for the nation's highest Court, one must wonder, how did the President and his camp make such a painfully obvious miscalculation? After such a sure victory with intellectually heavyweight Roberts, a candidate so worthy that no one could contest his preparedness for a lifetime position on the Court even if they disagreed with his positions (not that anyone could really detect them), how could he nominate someone as inconsequential as Miers? It's another case of wondering "President Bush, what were you thinking?" I believe that I do know the President's heart (to borrow his favorite phrase as of late), but I fear that I may have over-estimated his mind.

The President's brain is busy worrying about getting indicted in the Plame case right now but he should be back shortly. It's amazing that the President had the gall to appoint a crony to the Supreme Court immediately after the ignominious departure of crony appointee Mike Brown from FEMA.

This president is inept, and this is coming from someone who has gone out of his way to defend the President countless times. Quite frankly, he's indefensible: he should be ashamed for not using his veto pen for one spending bill, he's not doing great in Iraq (and I am a supporter of the war, and volunteered to go, only to be informed that my college marijuana use and arrest would prevent me from being an officer).

I don't care where the President's heart is. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
We shall see if Harriet miers is ready for the Supreme Court when she has her hearings. What I know of her ideology makes me happy, and she is more qualified than any current Supreme Court Justice to hear and decide business cases, which the Supreme Court hears more than Constitutional ones. But if she stumbles and fumbles at her hearings it will show that she is not ready for such a responsibility yet. Maybe she can be named to an appellate court after President Bush puts someone with more experience and better known track record on the Supreme Court. Then again, she may blow us all away at her hearings and get confirmed. It will be interesting to see.
Well I think you need to just leave President Bush alone. He is a good man, his heart is in the right place.


Just kidding...I like that phrase 'I believe that I do know the President's heart,...but I fear I may have over-estimated his mind.'

Despite my adoration and devotion to Bush, I do believe that I will have to agree with you on this one.
This does raise questions about some things. It seems likely now that Miers would have been pro choice on the bench. Many evangelical Christians voted for Bush because they thought he would nominate judges who are pro life. Now it seems that Bush puts loyalty and cronyism ahead of those pro life views. If that's the case, then many evangelical Christians got played. Why should they trust him after this?
clearly, he'll have to nominate someone with a proven record of conservative judicial philosophy, though that may initiate a harder fight with the Dems. Better that than to fragment the party... which holds the majority, in case he forgot!
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