Thursday, October 27, 2005


Writing off the Right?

It wasn't the conservative wing of the Republican party's outcry that forced the withdrawl of Harriet Ellan Miers, asserted White House spokesman Scott McLellan at this morning's press conference. "We've always been focused on the Senate, not on the outside commentary or outside groups," he said. Last time I checked, the idea of democracy was that "people rule" and the job of the Congress was to carry out the will of the people. Given the sharp backlash of so many citizens to Bush's inept nomination, I would have liked to think that the White House was paying attention. But of course they were... they just can't say so! That, like it or not - and I don't always - is the way politics work.

The Right was right to rally against the Miers nomination and deserves credit where credit is due. One can only hope that the next time around Bush will remember his conservative base and nominate someone with a proven judicial track record. It almost seems that his hand will be forced now, lest he risk another fall out with his own. Whether or not the President is "deeply disappointed" with Mier's withdrawl, he's now been afforded the golden opportunity to set things Right.

Hey Nan, wanna trade links?
Janice Brown would be a great choice.
You're linked
I hope so too
Hey nan, I hope you don't mind, but I have a shameless plug.
Since I running for President someday I have just posted what my platform issues would be if I was running this year. I would love to get some feedback.
I'm still betting on Alberto Gonzalez, Brown may be a possibility. Several analysts on NPR though McConnell seemed likly. I guess any one Strict Reconstructionist is as good as any other...
I think Gonzalez is a very unlikely choice. For one, he is pro-choice which would not rest well with the conservatives who forced the Mier's withdrawl, plus it would definitely show the separation of powers excuse to be just that given that Gonzalez would have the same conflict of interest.
My money is on Samuel Alito since the news broke yesterday.
Unfortunately the Prez wanted to be politically correct. I kinda liked her, but it was the wrong nomination. I'm gonna link to you.
When can we expect some new posts?
very informative articles
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