Thursday, February 09, 2006


The Blame Game...

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By now, images of the riots, death and destruction caused by the publication of cartoons depicting Muhammad as a terrorist have spread all over the Internet. Newspaper headlines decry that it's a "Global Crisis." Flags burning, signs calling for the "slaying" of those who insult Islam, children holding posters calling for beheadings of "infidels" are everywhere, depicting a culture that is far different from our own.

How many images or cartoons have expressed opposition, hatred, intolerance or distate towards Christianity or other world religions or cultures? How many riots can you recall in this country? How many flags have you burned because you were offended? How many beheadings have you called for? If the riots have taught us anything it is that we are dealing with a very different and very dangerous people.

But not according to The Nation.

No, this is just another excuse for the media to spread it's evil lies about the dangers of radical Islam. These people have a "right to be offended" that excuses all of this. One columnist writes, "But whether or not the publishing of the cartoons was a reckless provocation, and whether or not the violent response was manipulated by Islamists, we must come to terms with the conditions that created the tinderbox." In other words: America is somehow at the bottom of this. We've brought this on ourselves. President Bush and FOX News are behind it all. When all else fails, blame America (and if you can get in a jab at Bill O'Rielly, even better). Even though the cartoons were published in a Danish newspaper... America and our "irresponsible conservative" media (yeah right) must be at the root of all this evil.

While I agree with the Nation (hell may have just frozen over) that people have the right to be offended, we should ask ourselves what is too much. (If this isn't, what is?) We should learn something from what we are seeing.

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I'd say it's taught me a thing or two.

Blame Bush! Of course, didn't you know? Bush is the root of all evil! Well, at least accordoing to CodePink...
A right to be offended, sure.

You don't have a right NOT to be offended, however...
Having the right to be offended is totally different from burning embassies and committing random acts of violence. Recognizing the righteousness of their anger does not mean condoning or even rationalizing their criminal activities. The fact that this was an intentionally set fire (by Iran, of course!) makes the whole thing that much more evil.
Please look at the story I just posted. Need you to help spread the word.
Hey! I have a question - "Why does CTv always put that irritating, left-winging Ron Kube(?) in for Nancy when she's gone?" I just want to yank his damn ponytail & slap the #@$% right out of him!

Lisa from Prospect Hill
That's a pretty weak attempt at blasphemy. MWAHAHAHAHA!
Oh, are you talking about Rob Coobie (sp?) He is so pro-defense sometimes that it's sickening. Not that Nancy Grace isn't also grating at times lol Why did Kimberly Guilfoile have to go and leave anyway?
What's up, Nunzia? I recognize you from Sable Chicken's blog.
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