Saturday, July 01, 2006


What Ever Happened to the American Way?

As some of you may have already read, the new Superman Returns has changed one of the greatest American icons into an a-patriotic world hero by changing his catchphrase "Truth, Justice and the American Way," into "Truth, Justice, and All That Stuff." Before hearing this newspiece, I went to see the film. So what has become of the Man of Steel?

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For my full review and comments, click here.

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How could they do that to Superman' motto? Is it such a crime to present "the American Way" as something good? Amazing!
I am disappointed in some of the things you describe in the movie. Glenn Beck talked about the movie a few weeks ago and still said it is worth seeing. Superman was my comic book hero growing up, so I have to see the movie.

Thanks for the review. Glad to see a post here again.
Overall, I think it's worth seeing too.. it was easier for me not knowing all these things but it was good entertainment at least. I'd love to hear your thoughts once you've seen it.
"The American Way" thing is nitpicky- I think the worst thing about the movie was the fact that Superman acted like an obsessed teenager.
I don't think it that big a deal overall, but yes, I find it more than a bit odd that "the American way" is apparently not pc anymore.
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