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A Sad, Sad Day in American Politics

It has been a while since I have taken time to write for this blog. I'm sorry for that. It doesn't mean I haven't followed everything that is going on or that I haven't had strong opinions. I just sat back and watched for a while. And much to my horror, I woke up to a very different political reality today. And I truly fear the possibilities of the amount of damage that can be done to our system of government and our way of life. It is truly sad that people have let popular passions get in the way of common sense. Will we abandon our course in Iraq now? Will we forget September 11? It seems that many of those elected already have. They seem to invoke it only in political rhetoric to benefit themselves. They go off and forget what they have spoken.

To say I am disenchanted is to make a gross understatement...

It's a sad, sad day indeed.

Being a former active college Republican, I have to say I am more disenchanted with the party's performance in the last six years than the results. They acted like Democrats in their zeal for government largesse, so what's really changed anyway? Having a GOP White House and Congress coupled together has proven a disappointment. Why? Because the GOP has called the shots, and instead of a principled conservative agenda, they usher in an unprecedented era of Big Government, wasteful spending, trampled civil liberties, and usurpation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Conservatism has been betrayed by the GOP and so was any notion of constitutionally-limited government and fiscal restraint. Sadly, the last six years were more troublesome than the Clinton years in terms of bad legislation, and I don't make that statement lightly or in jest. As a practical matter, perhaps the gridlock of a divided gov't will be preferable. Gridlock means less legislation gets passed. Since most all legislation passed these days is bad anyway, so much the better.

I cannot say I approve of the unconstitutional Iraq War and thought it to be imprudent foreign policy. It is nothing more than Pyrrhic victory, and it will leave Iraq with an volatile Shi'ite regime friendly to Iran after the U.S. departs. Former CIA analysts like Robert Baer are right in proclaiming Iran to be the real threat. Iraq was crippled in the 1990s. But as the Democrats pressure a withdrawal, Iraq will probably be left in more of a mess as a civil war ensues. The lesson to be learned in history: intervention begets more intervention.

The American electorate is fickle and half of them didn't even vote it seems. And most of them couldn't tell you what the Tenth Amendment is. Personally, I think the election authorities should have a means test of civics and constitutional knowledge just like the DMV gives driver's test, as most voters are too incompetent to vote anyway.

"Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance."
—H.L. Mencken

"Democracy is the worst form of government, with the exception of all others."
—Winston Churchill
I can agree with Ryan on just one thing, and that is that the GOP lost its fiscal restraint. I am sorry to completely disagree with the rest of the diatribe, especially the part about trampled civil liberties which is a crock.

As far as it being a sad, sad day, it is only sad for the losers. Democracy prevails. The voters have spoken. Now it is time for a Democrat Congress to govern. They now have the opportunity to do what is right for the country, or they can usher in two years of polarization. The choice is theirs.

Welcome back. Missed having you post.
Rick, I have to blunt and say you don't know the Anglo-American common law tradition, if you fail to grasp the encroachments upon the Bill of Rights and common law protections that came with the wave of reactionary, ill-conceived, post-9/11 legislation.
On an unrelated story, here is something that is disturbing, but not surprising. Ted Kennedy helped the Soviets and dialogued with the KGB. Reagan won the Cold War, and Ted Kennedy was in the cloister of the Evil Empire in secret meetings with the KGB hoping to influence American foreign policy that was incidentally advantageous to the Soviets. The KGB defector Vasili Mitrokin's research seems to confirms it. Look into it.
If that's true, then same old, same old. Joe Kennedy was a Nazi sympathizer before the USA entered WWII.

I do understand the Anglo common law tradition. In the old days, if I said something the King disagreed with, I could lose my head. Today my phone can be tapped if I am talking to Al Queida. Then I might get to go to club gitmo.

I don't mean this flippantly at all, but if you think we should stay the course in Iraq, then why aren't you there? The American people have given up on this war. But so have people who still support it who don't put their words into action. People who want to stay the course but who aren't fighting are basically saying that the Iraq is worth fighting for, but that it isn't worth their own lives.
I first joined the Air Force when the Iotola was president of the United States and Carter sat in the big office. I served threw Regan, Bush, Clinton and Bush. I finally retired from the Mississippi Air National Guard when I realized that the anual physical was tougher than it was when I was young. Just because I served in the military does not mean that I consider other ways to serve as second rate. It is the ones who serve the enemies who I disrespect. I do not call my self a military expert but I know enough to say that we cannot afford to loose this war. How we got in it might be debatable but we are in it and must not loose. That alone makes this a sad time in America.

I agree with Ryan S. on some of his other points though. The GOP did have to many big spenders in it. I think we tried too hard to be a big tent and lost what made us the majority in the first place. On all issues other than the war on Terror, loosing GOP control may not be that bad. Still Bush is Comander-in-chief. I doubt he will fall to the presure to cut and run. Getting rid of big spenders is more of a house cleaning than a Dem take over. Now the Dems will be seen as the spenders. I pray that grid lock and vetos will keep the damage down for the next two years. The Republicans will be back but this time better.
Your title says it all. Though, it's not all bad. Hopefully, we can take back the country in '08.
You know I found myself here from someone else's blog, but it does my heart good to see that some younger people are conservative as well. There is hope! ALL IS NOT LOST! I hope you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! ~ jb///
Merry Christmas!
How have you been since November?
Hey, just checking in to see if you're still alive...

Hope this comment finds you well.
The GOP needs to draft Paul for President
Just saw some of these comments now. Honestly, I'd be in the military if I could. I had planned to join the Air Force and still a big part of me wants to be a JAG. But unfortunately, I have health issues that disqualify me... I do agree though that there are other ways to serve... such as by supporting out troops rather than undermining what they are putting their lives on the line to do.
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